“From a single hair salon in Melbourne suburbia expanding to locations from inner Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula, a story that began in 2003 building on our experience of over 20 years and continuing into the future”


In 2003, the first Smart Cuts and Color Hair Salon opened its doors Prahran, Melbourne as a family business. A budget, family friendly hair salon volume based business founded at a time when others operated for sometime presenting as a fierce competition challenge. We focused on bringing reliable service delivered by a very small number of experienced staff you could count on one hand. Though a small business operated by a small team, we worked hard to build and develop a brand recognised in our locality as the ‘go to’ place for a decent haircut for him, her and the kids.


As Prahran staff were busy meeting the demands of our local customers, the owners of the business were already exploring possibilities for our next location. We came to understand that demography is not as important as good service and staff skill. Our experience taught us that we can operate in any location as long as we maintain our high standard of service and pricing. And so, we  expanded to our next locations, one after the other, thirteen hair salons in total, never losing sight of the fact that our success comes from retaining our philosophy and staying true to our business module, being a family budget friendly volume business that employs qualified trained professional staff capable of delivering the best hairdressing services amongst our competitors.


Having expanded the Smart and Cuts Color chain, we faced the logistical challenge of keeping our salons stocked with the products we needed for our operation on day-to-day basis. It was important that we ensure delivery of these products to all of our locations at time and cost effective manner but without compromising on quality. The challenge was to use the best products without introducing significant cost increases to our customers. We sourced, trialed and selected some of the best haircare and hairdressing products on the market to maintain a high standard of quality, at the same time, we undertook the delivery of stock to our salons, therefore, taking control of our delivery costs and maintaining our budget friendly pricing.


It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic had some catastrophic consequences to our industry. Many hairdressing business have sadly shut doors forever as a result of that disaster. Our industry was most hit by this affair and the industry found itself crippled by the lockdowns, restrictions and operating conditions imposed by the government. It was hard to ride the wave, however, we persevered, maintained the availability of jobs for our staff and engaged in planning to hit the ground running as soon as we were able to open our doors again. This period have taught us to plan ahead and we were blessed to come out stronger and more resilient than we have ever been.

We opened our doors and were fully operational, fully stocked and staffed as soon as the restrictions were lifted.


Smart Cuts and Color are the leading volume  based hairdressing business chain and we intend to keep it that way but thrive to make it even better. We aspire to grow, open new locations, hire more staff and serve more customers. Our philosophy remains unchanged, to provide superior hairdressing services, from cuts to colour delivered by qualified professional staff at affordable prices for the entire family.

We are committed to a ‘No Appointment Necessary’ service and continue to welcome walk-in customers as our main source of business in all of our locations.


We are looking for qualified hairdressers interested in working in a busy and diverse environment serving customers from all backgrounds, genders and ages. We are a volume based business and it is, therefore, essential to have the ability to improve your speed and commitment to meeting targets. If you enjoy the challenge of  working in a busy volume based hair salon, feel free to contact us via the ‘Contact Form’ provided below so that we can contact you and discuss your career opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you.



    Phone: 0450 446 637